Riviera Pot by De Castelli | Architonic

I like the simple frame outline of these plant pot holders, its very minimalistic and it is aesthetically pleasing, looks like it doesn't take up much space.

Tillandsia by Thomas J. Story
Not confined to a container with potting soil, air plants lend themselves to creative arrangements indoors and even out
Tillandsia trapezes for easy outdoor decorating air plants. These plants receive bright, indirect light. 'Trapezes need to be soaked in water overnight once a week.

Inspiration Vertical Garden | Totaly Outdoors

This really inspired my final piece, especially the metal supports and I like how mason jars are used as plant pots, it makes the whole design more sustainable.

Parallax by Light and Ladder

Wooden hexagonal wall hooks, if they can be transformed into plant holders, that would be even more interesting, this gave me inspiration to develop my idea further.

Planetarium Terranium by Anthropologie

Fish bowl or cocktail bowl transformed into a container for plants, I like the simplicity of the design. This would be very easy to make in the workshop.

Sparkling crystals Buddha Globe Terrarium by Buddha Groove

This gave me an idea that maybe I should add spiritual ornaments like the Buddha into my final product to remind people to try be more peaceful and relaxed in the working environment.

Wire wall cubes by Farmers Co

Using chicken wire, simple and beautiful way to make a shelf for plants. The gaps make the structure look less bulky and more exposed as a wall decoration.

Domsai by Matteo Cibic

Gives the impression that the plant is alive in human form because of its legs. It is very whimsical and what is great about the design is that it is self sustained. 

Pot Cradle by HEAN

Simple bag design to hold plants hanging from the ceiling, I like the choice of colour, black and white creates a sharp contrast.

Brilliant design by Object Interface. Babylon Light Fixture by Ryan Taylor

Plants can be placed on the lampshade, simple and minimalistic design. It gives me this clean and crisp feeling. Moreover, it makes the arrangement of the plants more interesting around the household.


Hex Spora by Light and Ladder

I like the combination of wood and ceramics, reminds me of the 1-100 project. The choice of shape is clearly inspired by honey combs, this design is all about nature. 

Circular frame is made from the opening of the mason jar, again this promotes sustainability and reminds people that old, unused objects doesn't need to be discarded and can be useful when it comes to house/gardening decorations.

Cocoon home by Unknown

Using copper wire, wood and plastic cocktail bowl to hang plants on the wall, they look like lamps. Again these designs are kept simple but still aesthetically pleasing.

Using cork as the core of a plant holder supported by twisted metal rods from wine bottle, sustainability through design. Transforming waste objects into something functional.

Bike wheel chandelier found on Pinterest

Recycling an old bike wheel and putting it to good use, the geometrical shapes of the plant holders look like crystals, plants are self sustained and easy to maintain, perfect for an indoor environment.

Vertical garden/Planter for succulents and air plants by Kim Fisher

Aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic, I think its innovative and creative to place plants vertically on a wall. It reminds me of a painting and gives a full view of the plant and soil at horizontal eye level.

Rustic Reclaimed Recycled salvaged wood AIR PLANT holders

Very interesting way to hold plants in place, suspending it with rubber bands and nails really emphasises the beauty of the plant.

Milolamp by Lightovo

Opening to put plant in, the light on top gives plants it's nutrients, very clever design.

Harako coffee table by Vito Selma

Using a section of the desk for a plant holder, I love the geometric pattern and flat layout. This design would make drinking coffee a more enjoyable experience when nature is involved.

Ambienta by Sage Green Life

A modern lamp designed to grow plants and illuminate your space. It looks like a mushroom, everything about this design is related to nature. The white colour of the lamp brings out the green hue of the plants.

Hanging mason jar plants by Garden Love

Sustainable and practical, I like the slanted arrangement of the plant, gives the user an interesting view from the side, seems like the plant is growing outwards.